Here is a list of your responsibilities as a renter of this building
UPDATED August 18, 2009
When you first arrive at the building please inspect the hall and the bathrooms to make sure things are as they should be.
If there is a problem please inform whomever let you in or call Tom or Dave as soon as possible.
You will be responsible for anything that is wrong when you are done.

Dates and times of availability
We will be at the building at the time listed as the start time listed on your contract to let you in. Normally we do not provide a key. If you feel you need a key please let us know and we can make arrangements to have a key available. Normally we like to have the loud music to be done by 10:00 PM and the cleanup done by 12:00 PM. If the building is not vacated by 12:00 PM you will be charged $50.00 for an additional date.

Dance Floor
The dance floor is not part of the rental fee. There is an additional fee of $200 if you want to use the dance floor.
If an accident happens, please wipe up any spills with damp/dry towels. Water should NEVER be used to clean up the floor.

Jansen Family Park LLC does not posses any type or form of liquor permit. If you are having a private party you are able to serve liquor to your guests.
The Town of Barton will not issue liquor permits for single day events, so you can not set up a cash bar.
When we were given our original permit we were told that they would never issue us a liquor permit, and they changed the ordinances
so that single day event permits are no longer available.

Empty any full garbage cans or any with food stuffs and replace the bag (there should be replacement bags in the kitchen)

Tables and Chairs
When you are done, the tables should be folded and put back in the ladies bathroom.
Chairs should be stacked and put back along the walls.

The carpeted area should be vacuumed. There is a large vacuum in the building that should be used.
The kitchen and tiles floors should be swept and any large spills should be cleaned up.
Any cake or liquid stains on the carpet will result in cleaning fees.

Parking Lot
Any garbage left by your guests should be picked up.

Lights and Doors
Before you leave, all lights in the building and the parking lot (if you have the key) should be turned off.
Make sure all doors and windows are closed and locked.

Kitchen & Cooking
There is a kitchen in the building but there is NO facilities for cooking.
We allow Nescos, Chaffing dishes and other heating and reheating appliances.
If you plan to cook on site we only allow grills to be used outside on the grass or paved area near the doors.

If you plan to decorate use masking tape only!
If you need additional time to decorate we have special rates for additional setup dates.

Dates and times of use
The building will be available to you ONLY on the dates and times listed on this contract.
We sometimes have two or more groups using the building on the same date.
If you need more time make sure it is listed on this contract.

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