Rental Rates:

Weekday Rates $175.00 (Sunday thru Thursday)

Weekend Rate $275.00 (Friday and Saturday)

If you rent the building on Saturday you can request the
Friday before your event for the special add-on rate of $75.00.

We have special rates for non-profit and service groups.
At this time we do not host political events of any kind.
If you are a representative of a group that may be eligible for special discounted rates
please send me a note and we can go over the terms.

Contact me about Special Rates

In order to keep the rates reasonable for the use of this park you will be required to clean up after yourself. If you want to make arrangements to have the building cleaned for you, please let us know. We have a cleaning service that you can contract to clean. If you hire your own cleaning crew, it must be cleaned the night of the event as we have many groups using the building. If the date is open after your event you can request another day to to use for cleaning.


$500.00 Security Deposit

Due to problems in the past we have been forced to re-implement the security deposit.
When you send in the payment for the hall you will be required to enclose another check for five hundred dollars ($500).
If there is no damage or cleaning to be done the check will be returned to you.

If you have used the building, in the past and we have not had any problems,or if your event is a smaller event
we may decide to waive or modify the cleaning deposit.

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