Welcome to Jansen Family Park.
This is an aerial view looking northeast. The road across the top of the page is Wildwood Drive (formally Hwy B). The road that splits off to the left is Schuster Drive.

This picture give you a very nice overview of the park area. This is an older picture from about 1999. You can see a portion of the 5 acre pond and if you look in the lower left hand corner of the picture you can see a short section of the trail that runs around the pond and sections of the park.

As you enter the parking lot from Schuster Drive you will see the sign at the end of the driveway.




Off to the right you will see the picnic area and the pond area. This area was once covered with goose feces. We have implemented goose deterrents so now this area is no longer as nasty as it once was. The black monofilament lines along the shore line keep the geese off of the grass.